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. breaking news about the u.s. postal service, we will learn about cuts in the past ten minutes. a girl is found dead, including one that was taken before she was last seen. and a camel gets loose, they are trying to get it back home and we will tell you about the problems they are having. it is all coming up on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for waking up with us, i am pam cook. >> it is much cloudier than previous days, but for now let's go to steve paulson. >> we will be talking about
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some really cold air coming in on friday but highs are mainly in the 50s with a few touching 60s, here is sal. for the most part we have nice looking traffic all over the place, this is a nice look driving through the called cod -- called cod ton anybody -- caldecott tunnel. in just a moment we will have another update, for now let's go back to the desk. the u.s. postal service says they plan to stop delivering mail on saturdays. the postal service will continue delivering packages during the week. the move is expected to start in august and it is expected to save about $2 billion a year.
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the official announcement will be sometime this afternoon. we move to continuing coverage into a triple homicide in rural west sonoma county. claudine wong joins us with the many questions tied that grim discovery, claudine? >> reporter: out here you can see the lights of the sheriff's deputies and then the light of the home in question and as you said police have been out here all night and this scene has been processed you all night into this morning in a crime that started yesterday afternoon with the discovery of three bodies yesterday afternoon. we know a man was concerned after not hearing from his brother for several hours. when they tracked him down they brought him here to a rural area, a single lane road which comes down to this area.
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apparently one of the family members had an association with this property. they all died of gunshot wounds and police are trying to figure out that this happened -- how this could happen. >> they all died of an apparent struggle and they all died of gunshot wounds. >> could it be a murder/suicide? >> it is not a murder/suicide. >> it is the kind of the area where this all happened and it is very rural, wooded, there are neighbors surrounding the driveway that leads into the home but not a lot of folks on this road that is called roth station road but it looks like
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police officers are just standing by keeping an eye on the house and keeping this area blocked off. we do not know the identities of the victims, that has not been released and we don't know if they have a motive yet. we will continue to stand here at the scene and bring you all the latest details as soon as we get them. they plan to discuss the investigation into the death of a 13-year-old girl. her naked body was discovered last friday in the park. they say the teenager was strangled and the image on the right with the pink backpack was captured at taberrer avenue last thursday minutes before she was last seen. she was reported missing by her
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foster home guardian. san francisco police will reveal new details in the kevin collins case. he is a boy that disappeared 30 years ago. we have learned police showed family members a picture of the lead suspect. he is dan who died five years ago. >> i am convinced that the investigation is going in the right direction. >> last week police dug up the concrete floor at his home where the teen went missing where kevin was last seen. boy scouts of america to end a controversial policy banning game members. -- gay members. they could decide whether or not to include gay members but
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the boy scouts have seen donations drop as corporations withhold contributions. president barack obama weighed in on the debate saying that the ban should be listed. -- lifted. same sex service members, leon panetta is expected to make that announcement and it is reportedly reviewing what benefits it could extend without violating the defensive marriage act. time now 4:34, five people are dead after an eight-year- old boy triggered a tsunami. more casualties are expected as crews make their way to three more villages. the earthquake triggered tsunami warnings in finding gee
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and -- in new england. sirens sent hundreds of people to higher ground and a short time later the tsunami warning was canceled. meanwhile a small tsunami reached japan earlier this morning and they say it was a small wave for the country and they also said people were not being asked to leave coastal areas. coming up, the plan that would require landlords to make things seismically safe. a camel that twice escaped his penn will be examined by a vet. it took a long time to coax rudy into a trailer. the ten-year-old animal disrupted traffic and was reportedly hit by a mini-van.
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rudy escaped from his pen and broke loose again in the evening. >> i have never been around him, i have no idea. if this was cows bulls or other types of animals they would have had no problem. they are stubborn. >> he said the camel was not injured but he did look tired. sal, you are looking at the east bay this morning? >> yes, i am looking at the east bay and i am not injured but i am also looking tired. we are looking at 880 westbound and you can see some flashing lights but it's not having a major affect on traffic. i want to make 880 near 123 -- near 23 is picking up some traffic and it's so light it is not causing a huge delay.
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it is light coming into san francisco, right now it certainly is light driving onto the peninsular. santa clara valley is off to a great start and it is not really causing much probably -- major problems, it is 4:37 let's go to steve. the system looks like it will make it for some rain and today is that betweener day, we have a northwesterly breeze onto the coast. back into the 30s and i have seen 39 and livermore 39, and
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clear skies everything to the chewed up and our system with it did not have everything with it and that is why but cool to mild, maybe some of the higher elevationings and that's a northwest breeze into friday evening, this cold air settles in and we will be sunny and breezy as we head into sunday and monday. all right, steve, we want to take you right now to fort lauderdale florida where crews are working to stabilize a box truck which has been dangling off of a freeway. the truck ended up halfway off the ramp of a washing earlier this month. two people we understand one
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person has been rescued and we are not sure about the other person inside the truck. certainly it is causing a lot of traffic in that area and again this is fort lauderdale and it's a box truck that crash the earlier this morning and now it is i still dangling on the freeway. just checking in and we will bring you any updates. there are dangerous rescues along northern california state parks department will hold a press conference about how to swim out of a rip current and even what to do if your dog gets swept out to sea. and new details about jimmy lee dykes where that young boy was held underground.
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and a young girl prompted patrols to step up in one bay area neighborhood. good morning, the commute looks good and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather coming up.
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. >> good morning clear skies, back in the 30s and 40s and temperatures are mainly in the 50s. later vice-president joseph biden will issue the swearing in of john kerry. he has been officially working since friday and working since monday. he is making security around the world a priority and this comes after the deadly attack in again gas and bash benghazi. the president is in
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annapolis maryland and he will press the senator on immigration reform and budget issues. house democrats will hear from the president at their annual retreat on thursday. several people are heading there today over gun control. singer tony benefit and actress amanda pete are calling on congress to reduce gun violence and in an assault weapons ban. they are part of a website. they are considering a new gun safety bill which would require them to buy liability insurance for damaged caused by weapons. those who can take safety classes or keep guns locked up would get a discount in insurance rate. it would make owning a gun less affordable for law abiding
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citizens. they are trying to tighten security as a result of the newtown connecticut shootings. the department also plans to hold a full scale emergency drill that would simulate a shooter on campus and they will bring up a safety plan one week from today. two bombs in the underground bunker where a young boy was held captive almost a week, one explosive device was in a bunker and the other was in a plastic pipe they used to communicate with the suspect. they reportedly used a monitor inside the bunker and they went inside after seeing jimmy lee dykes with a gun and he was killed on the spot. they issued a giant birthday card for little ethan
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and an online campaign is starting to raise money to send the boy and his family to disney world. police are looking for a man who tried to grab an 11- year-old girl and tried to kidnap her. he has light colored hair and was wearing a puffy jacket. she was riding her bike along emerson street when a man tried to break her arm. she screamed and tried to get away. he yelled he was going to kidnap her and police have added extra patrols to the area. one man is shot in the san francisco ten deer loin. -- tenderloin. the victim is expected to survive, no word on a suspect or a motive. san jose police have opened new contract talks with the city. they are asking for pay
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increases totaling 16% and that would restore the 10% they had expected to limit layoffs. they said they would support modest layoffs and there is growing concern about thinning police forces. police have complained about the smell of the plants and they worry outdoor grows can attract thieves to their neighborhoods. the city council wills have the final say and if necessary they will fight a ban in court. they are considering a proposal to retrofit soft structures. supervisors say there are at least 3,000 of these types of structures throughout the city
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and these buildings will not hold up against the next big earthquake. >> this is critical work, this is not optional which will be badly damaged in a big earthquake. >> now under the proposals these buildings at least three stories high will have time to update them. a new study shows two thirds of americans are on facebook but many admit they have take an break. 61% of facebook users say they stepped away from the social network and the biggest one cited by many people said they just got too busy. security issues were the least common issues. >> well, i think we could do without all the -- i am heading
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to the grocery store. that takes a little time. >> what do you mean pam, i just posted i am going to the grocery store. >> or you are getting coffee and how much sugar you put in. >> right now there are no huge traffic problems and 880 westbound for example is looking good and westbound 80, looking good on interstate 80 and traffic is looking good at the mcarthur maze, i like this, traffic look good coming into the city. if you are driving on interstate 280 and san jose, it is a very nice drive getting up to highway 17. >> sal, i just took a drink of water. >> post that. >> i am posting it. >> skies are clear, a few high clouds, the system up there will make it today and tomorrow it is nice and rather breezy along the coast.
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yesterday's system did a couple of things and gave us a lot of high and mid-level clouds awning see there is a little bit right there but the main front is here. today looks pretty good, sunny to nice breezy, no doubt about it, colder lows fog has been wiped out, maybe patchy, but it looks dry to me. rain turning to showers, not a lot of rain, this is not a rainy system but a cold system. we had a lot of 30s to 50s and we have a lot more cold air in place because we lost that cloud cover. it had one system exit stage right and today looks good and it was a little chilly out there. we had some higher elevations on the coast but a cooler to mild forecast on the temperatures. one system coming in, that would be thursday night and
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friday and especially late friday into saturday, saturday looks sunny but it will turn breezy and the lows will be very cool. steve, thank you very much. coming up bad sportsmanship, they intentionally shoot rocket at last night's game. and the incredible video of what happened with a whale, stay tuned.
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. wow is right, an arizona couple is canoeing off hawaii and they got bumped by a whale and they pateled a -- paddled an area off the sea and the whale did not appear to be injured and it swam off. >> they submitted it to the high speed rail section. it will mean a big contract for the winning bid but the four losers will receive $2 million to cover some of the costs for submitting that bid. critics say it is a bad way to
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spend public money. >> i think in the wake of a tax increase oh, we are giving $40 million to the losers, it erodes public trust. >> but it encourages other companies to bid which can reduce costs to other projects. and it can help in the new eastern span of the bay bridge. >> quarterback alex smith will be decided by the team, not the player. >> i don't think any player has those wishes granted they are under contract. >> the last four plays -- >> this is during the end of the season news conference and harbaugh wanted a report that could start another team. lawyers head coach shows his team is no push over. he instructed his players to intentionally foul the game. now he didn't want to rockets
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to break for a single game basket. they made 5, three pointers trapping the warrior. time now is 4:55, another check on traffic, it looks much better than the warrior's performance. >> i digress, let's look at the commute now. the toll plaza looks good, there are no major problems, this is your window, you may want to get out there soon and the drive times go up, just before 6:00, you have a little bit of window here and let's move along and you see the 880 slit and the roads have been -- split and the roads look good on the san mateo and dumbarton.
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4:55 let's go to steve. a few high clouds, most of the fog was wiped out and we start off clear but colder, 40s closer to the coast and bay, it will be sunny today breezy windy along the coast out of the northwest. 30s, 40s to mid-40s and it is noticeably colder -- noticeably colder, next system is poised to move in, it is up there. but it will make it with some rain. today sunny and nice cool to mild, higher elevations and that's a northwest wind so 50s for many, temperatures are close but the pattern is a cool one even though it will be sunny and breezy at times. rain thursday night and cold showers on friday and sunny and breezy and overnight lows will be very brisk. coming up next in our 5:00
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hour, big news came 40 minutes ago, a decision that will affect many. also, what we have learned about a triple homicide. stay tuned. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.

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